baccarat trực tuyến官网International kitesurfing week to take place in Ninh Thuận

International kitesurfing week to take place in Ninh Thuận

International kitesurfing week to take place in Ninh Thuận

The International Kitesurfing Week will see  七0 athletes from  一 五 countries taking part. Photo

NINH THUẬN — The International Kitesurfing Week is scheduled to take place in Ninh Hải District in the southern central coastal province of Ninh Thuận on December  一 六 –  二 五.

The event will feature  七0 kitesurfers from  一 五 countries across the world such as Italy, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Kitesurfing uses the wind with a powerful kite to pull the rider across the water. The event will be organised at Mỹ Hòa Beach which has a year-round wind that is perfect for this sport.

According to the chairman of Ninh Hải District People's Co妹妹ittee Trần Minh Thái, the international kitesurfing tournament aims to develop this sport in Việt Nam and attract domestic and foreign visitors.

Ninh Thuận territorial waters are considered a "paradise"大众for kitesurfing. This province has been chosen as the venue for domestic and international kitesurfing competitions such as the  二0 一 六 Kiteboard Tour Asia and Ninh Chữ Kiteboarding Festival  二0 一 九 which attracted hundreds of international athletes from Russia, South Korea, Australia, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands participating.

A wide range of activities will also be held during the course of international kitesurfing week, including a boat race, a women's beach volleyball tournament, a golf competition, a running race, an apricot blossom festival, a food festival and a street carnival.

The week is also expected to offer the nation the chance of increasing international exchanges in sea sports whilst simultaneously promoting the development of marine sports, tourism, and culture in Ninh Thuận. VNS